The Weedfree On Track spray train was created with environmental sustainability at the forefront of its design. In an ever-demanding market, where companies are being driven to reduce their carbon footprint and become 'greener', the spray train was designed to not only achieve current demands, but to also be future proof for an ever-evolving market. At its core, the spray train sets out to achieve the best possible level of treatment whilst using as little herbicide as possible.


Reductions in product usage are achieved in a number of ways:

Firstly, the spray train uses an identification system to detect where weeds are present on the track bed. Using two high resolution cameras, the system identifies the location of weeds and only applies herbicides to those sections of track. This means that there is very little product wastage because herbicides are only being used on their target areas. Using this system alone, has seen reductions in herbicide usage of over 50% in new markets.

Targeted treatments also have a direct effect on the secondary resources used during spraying. Considering the large quantities of water being applied during the treatment process, savings of over one million litres per treatment can easily be achieved each year. The detection of weeds is not limited by an operating speed and can be carried out bi-directionally, making the system suitable for virtually any rail network throughout the world.

The system can operate at speeds of up to 60 km/h whilst transiting at 100 km/h, it is also equally effective operating day or night. This allows the train to work within running traffic therefore minimizing network-interference. The train can carry/spray a combination of up to four herbicides with a total carrying capacity of 12,000 litres.

Two exterior water tankers provide a combined capacity of 108,000 litres ensuring the train can work very long ranges between replenishment. The train also utilises an on-board generator making it a completely independent system from the locomotives. This design means the train has the flexibility to meet the demands of virtually any rail network or planning system.

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